Learning Disabilities

This is a very sensitive topic even for me as I also fall into this category. Although there can be difficulty in life learning to live with the wide variety of these learning as well as similar problems that might arise that could cause daily life to be difficult to get through. You should never give up, most of the time your family will be your greatest support physically and especially emotionally. Although there are some people that do not understand the difficulties of learning to live with these circumstances. I have autism personally but I am high functioning but I have a more sensitive emotional state that causes me to become stressed out and even depressed rather easily, I take medication to help build tolerance for my stress so that I can live a relatively more normal life style, I have a job and I drive although there are times when the stress becomes to much and I have the possibility of breaking down, but I find this to be necessary at some points as it helps relieve some of the stress that tends to build up over time.

As I was growing up I ended up going through a difficult time during school, there were also a couple cases of people making fun of me for my mental break downs and some light cases of bullying but not to a horrible degree but it was still difficult to live with and go through that time period. I couldn’t even read until I was in the third grade and that was a huge struggle where I had to put in tremendous effort to succeed. Sometime toward the end of fifth grade I ended up moving away to a different area where I had to attend a new elementary school, this was a real struggle and in the end I ended up failing elementary school which I will admit is still pretty depressing to look back on even to this day and this was many years ago. In middle school I did a lot better but I struggled to even get my homework done all the way through high school, heck I still struggle to do homework even now but I am a lot better thenĀ  I was back then.

I got to be who I am today thanks to a lot of supportive people who I owe endless gratitude too, this is especially towards my parents who are always supportive even now. I hope this inspires people to never give up even if they are struggling in life and try to find what is best for themselves and I hope they find the support they deserve, it doesn’t matter what your situation in life is everyone deserves happiness and joy in there life.

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